What’s There to Stress About?

What’s There to Stress About?

“…stress doesn’t come from what’s going on in your life. It comes from your thoughts about what’s going on in your life.”

Andrew J. Bernstein hit the nail right on the head (BrainyQuote)

People often say that our mind is what differentiates us between animals. Our brains are capable of wonderful, magical, extraordinary things. It is one of the most powerful tools in our arsenal. It gives us the courage to face our fears, it gives us the strength to achieve the impossible, it gives us the will to dare. Yet, at the same time, it manifests those fears in us, it tells us what is impossible, it takes away our will when we need it most.

We often blame life for all the troubles that we are going through, we often blame the world around us for all of our hardships. While, in actuality, it is our own mind that is the culprit. It is our mental state that tells us what we can and cannot do. Do you remember when you were young, with not a care in the world? How happy you were? How relaxed life was?

There may be a bunch of differences between that time and now, but the biggest difference is that our mind now tells us that we probably shouldn’t do it. At that time, our head kept telling us to do it, we’ll see what happens when it happens. Or, often times, at least for me, I would frequently tell myself,

“eh, whatever. Whatever happens will happen.”

The same goes with stress, the same goes with the troubles in life. The real hardship only exists in your subconscious state. Once you realize that, life becomes so much better, so relaxed. I remember this one time when my flight back to Canada was at 11pm at night. We left the house at around 7pm. Now, people generally tell you to get to the airport at least 3 hours in advance. It was approximately a 1-hour drive from my house to the airport. So naturally, leaving at 7 would ensure that you get there at 8, and then you’ll have your 3 hours. We decided to take a different route and got stuck in a riot. There were reports of people burning tires up ahead. There was a huge gridlock, and anything could happen. I didn’t have flight insurance either, so if I missed this flight, there goes my money, there goes my time. On the inside, I felt troubled, as if I might miss it. However, I knew that I had to stay calm. Whatever happens, will happen. I kept smiling through the entire drive. We decided to cut through a different way and somehow ended up reaching the airport 45 minutes before. I ran to the boarding gate. We all knew that for international flights if you don’t reach the counter 1 hour in advance, they don’t let you board. However, they let me, board. I had checked myself in before I left the house. I didn’t even know that I would ever end up in this situation, and yet, somehow, I had been prepared for it in advance. That’s what gave me the affirmation that even I had stressed out, it would have been for no reason. I made my flight, nothing got wasted, and I had been prepared for this exact eventuality, without even recognizing it.

Life works in funny ways. Everything that you have done in life and everything that you will do always prepares you for what’s to come. Whatever does come, is something that you can handle if you truly try hard enough. You are only tested on the “topics you are taught”, and the “topics you can understand”. What’s there to stress about?

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