The Race

The stage was set. It was loud and rapturous. The sound of banging and clapping filled the arena. No matter which section of the stadium you were in, you could not escape the excitement, the anticipation, the sense of pride and the longing for a victory that every fan experiences at the annual games.

This year, the crowd was more thunderous than ever before. Strong rivalries had been formed over the years, causing this competition to be fiercer than its predecessor. Every athlete desired to have bragging rights over their opposition, and every supporter not only wanted to be louder than the other, but they also wanted to stand proudly with their team and get comfortable in the fact that they were supporting the winners. It’s funny to realize that throughout life, everyone fights for equality but during games such as these, everyone wants to be better than the rest.

That fact holds especially true at the main event of tonight’s games. The 100-metre dash! The most thrilling, blood-pumping, and exciting event of the whole competition. The grand finale! Just 10 seconds to decide the winner. Nothing gets this crowd more riled up than the race.

As the contestants made their way onto the tracks, a deafening boom erupted from the tracks. It was time. The banging got louder and the clapping more intense. The hooting and shouting got sonorous and the name-calling more prominent. As the host welcomed each runner and introduced them to the crowd, different sections of the stadium would stand up on their seats and show their support to their athlete. The noise, the support, the occasion was so profound, that every contestant couldn’t help but feel a sense of pride in making it this far.

No one wanted to let their ‘family’ down. Everyone’s nerves were acting up. As these contestants stood near the starting line, you could sense the anxiety, the butterflies in their stomachs. Everyone was going through their own ritual to calm themselves down, to bring them back to Earth. They needed to have a strong, composed mindset if they wanted to have any chance of winning today.

The announcement came. It was now or never. Everyone lined up in their assigned spots, one next to the other. The next announcement came, and the racers got themselves in position. With the last one, they got themselves ready to start. The whole world fell silent, peaceful, serene.

“Ready, Set……” It was loud enough to be heard in every section of the stadium. With the sound of a gun blast, “GO!” and they were off.

The arena erupted into the loudest noise of the night! Everyone was at the edge of their seats. Some were too nervous to look and as quickly as it started, the race was over.

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