The Open Sea

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As he stood there, looking across the horizon, he felt an overwhelming sense of peace and calmness spread over him. There was something uniquely beautiful about the view. To some it might be scary, nerving, terrifying even; but to him, it was serene. He had laid his eyes on this wonder more times than he could count and yet, it was magical every single time. This was his life and he loved it.

“Gared!! How’s it lookin up there?” A voice came from somewhere below him.

It knocked him off his trance. He had a job to do. He took out his spyglass and scanned the world around him. He did a complete 360. There was not a single soul in site. His view reached far and wide but the only thing he could see was the vast open terrain. It was uniform in colour but irregular in shape. There were small waves, resembling speed bumps, forming in different places. There was no visible pattern to them. They were the only indication that the world was still alive. He looked as far as his scope could see. Right at the end of his view, the dark blue terrain connected with a lighter blue space. It seemed like they were sewn together. This lighter colour covered the rest of the horizon. Imagine standing in the middle of an empty dome with the ground one colour, the dark blue, and the dome a different, the light blue. At least, that’s how it looked.

“Nothing yet sir! We’re still in the open seas! It sure looks gorgeous up here though captain.” He shouted back down.

This was his job. All he had to do was scan the ocean, the gorgeous seas and scout for signs of life, for obstructions along the way, for wreckages to salvage, and most importantly, for land. He loved every single bit of it. Not many people find comfort in the vast openness. He cherished it. It was the kind of freedom nothing else could give him.

We spend our whole lives looking for peace of mind, spirit and body. It comes in different ways to different people. It only comes when you’re around the people and the things that you truly love. You can’t force it, it builds up inside you, it comes from a special place that cannot be explained or understood. When you have truly felt that magic, that’s when you’ll know the kind of divinity that Gared felt every single day he stood up in his observation spot. The kind of pleasure he got when he looked at the beautiful sight around him, the eternal majesty of the open seas!

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