Through the darkness, I rise;
Through the shadows, I devise.
I bring with me, the power to mesmerize;
The magic spell to hypnotize.

My eyes, they doth explore;
My gaze, it fills with wonder.
The world, I do adore;
Reconnect what’s left asunder.

One survey, and I know just where to start;
One peek, and I know where my love must impart
With one look, I heal the heart
With one stare, I break despair apart.

I offer my powers to be seen
I allow life to flow
I turn the planet green,
And help the trees to grow.

With my powers intensified,
I make the darkness subside,
Hope is what I provide,
I offer it, worldwide.

Stay strong, as I reveal myself.
Don’t give up, fantasize.
Find me, within yourself,
And welcome me, through each sunrise.

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