Mental Struggles

Mental Struggles

Raise your hand if you have ever encountered the term “Mental Health”. I can bet that everyone reading this would have encountered it one way or another. Whether it affected them at some point in time, whether it still affects them. Whether it affected someone they love, or whether it affected someone they knew. This topic is finally coming out in the open and is a topic that I believe deserves even more attention than it currently receives. With that in mind, I’ve decided to put out my two cents on some of the important issues and struggles that lead to mental health deterioration.

Even though there are a lot of areas that this topic expands into, I’m going to try to give my thoughts on two of them. Firstly, it’s getting harder for people to love themselves for who they are. A lot of people keep dreaming, praying, wishing to be someone else. And secondly, it is getting harder and harder for people to find happiness in their life.

“There will always be someone who will like you for who you are!”

No one is as good as you at being whoever you are. Never take that for granted. If someone does not like you for who you are, then they don’t deserve to be with you. If you accept yourself for who you are, then no one will ever be able to drag you down. There will always be someone (even if it’s just one person), who will like you for who you are, and to them, you will be the greatest thing on the planet, so don’t be afraid to be who you are.

Secondly, you can search for it in all corners of the world, but ultimately, you are responsible for your own happiness. All you really need is to do the things that you enjoy, the things that you’re passionate about, and I guarantee that you will find it. If you don’t know what that is, then all you need is to do something new every day, until you find that something. Once you do, I promise you it will be the best thing in the world.

“One positive decision a day will change your life forever!”

The last and most important thing to remember is that the human mind is the most complex thing in existence. It changes in different scenarios and we have no idea why. We can’t control it. The only thing we can control is our decisions, our choices. When you choose something that you truly believe in, your mind will automatically accept it and if not today, then tomorrow, if not tomorrow, then the day after, but eventually, your mind will start thinking of that decision you made as second nature. Now, remember, you can just choose for your mental struggles to go away and they’ll automatically go away over time. No, you have to voluntarily do things that ultimately lead to your betterment. This means doing something new every day till you find the one thing that you want to do for the rest of your life. This also means waking up every morning and going to sleep every night with the choice of accepting yourself as who you are.

“I pledge to be more open about my mental health, will you?”

Regardless of what the issue, regardless of what the problem, the most important thing to remember is that you are not alone. Everyone goes through their own mental obstacles. Different people have different severity’s and struggles, but together, we can help each other cross every hurdle and reach the finish line. That’s the ultimate goal and I promise you, if you open up about your struggles and trust the people around you, together, we can try to eradicate this issue and make each and every one of our lives better. I pledge to be more open about my mental health, will you?

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