Depression affects over 300 Million people around the world, according to a recent WHO Statistic. Now, I have never been good at expressing emotion. I have always kept my true feelings and opinions to myself because I don’t know how to share them with others. I recently wrote a poem about the way that I’ve been feeling for quite some time now. I have a strong sense that a lot of people around the world experience the same.

Feel free to share this poem with those people so that it may nudge them to express their emotions as well and possibly feel free from the burden of keeping it to themselves.

The sun sets faster;
Faster than it should.
It rises slower;
Slower than it would.
The darkness always lingers;
Lingers as long as it could.
The light rarely shines;
Shines ever so dim.

There’s always a void;
A void so hard to fill.
There’s always an empty feeling;
A feeling that drains the will.
The world is filled with sadness;
Sadness that causes tears to spill.
Gets harder to live this life;
Life becomes ever so grim.

The days get tougher;
Tougher without reason.
The nights get longer;
Longer no matter what season.
An evil takes over this body;
Even the body begins to treason.
It starts to drain your hope;
hope becomes ever so slim.

But there is still power in life;
Life is still worth the fight.
There is always a purpose;
Purpose that requires all might.
A world that needs to show love;
Love that can rekindle the light.
It’s the only chance at happiness.
Happiness, a feeling so rare.

When hardship strikes, remember;
Remember the strength you’ve always shown.
When failure occurs, remember;
Remember how much you’ve learned and grown.
When loneliness takes over, remember;
Remember you are never alone.
Start with a simple smile.
Smile, if you dare.

We each have our demons to fight;
But the fight gets easier together.
We each have our monsters to hunt;
But we need to let others join our endeavor.
We need to open up and let others in;
Only then will happiness stay forever.
We all need to express our love.
Love, the only thing that shows you care.

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