How do you live your life?

How do you live your life?

“Enjoy the little things in life” – Zombieland Rule #32

Life is hard. It’s challenging. It’s the biggest test we face day in and day out. There are people around the world experiencing famine, hardships in education, no access to drinkable water, storms, earthquakes, bombs, violence, sexual assaults. Surviving those horrors is beyond imaginable. Then there are smaller questions to tackle. How do you react when you get a parking ticket? When you get hurt playing sports? When it rains on your way to an interview and you arrive their soaking wet? When you get stomach problems during an exam?

Different people get afflicted with different problems. It’s not easy. They say that no two people are alike. People have different reactions to the same hardship. This is because everyone faces their quest with a different approach.

However, there is one thing that we all have, or can have, in common. It’s our ability to enjoy the little things in life. Big moments of delight are often rare and hard to come by. For some people, it’s like watching a blue moon, for others, it’s like a yearly vacation. However, the little things are so common, that they happen every day. They can bring you a smile, even if it’s for a little while, during the darkest of days, the most testing of times, the rainiest of days. Just last week my weight was down by 7 pounds. It was my little moment of joy.

The good things in life overpower the bad things. However, we as human beings have a tendency to notice the bad more than the good. The media knows it, which is why they show us the hardships and sadness in the world more often. It’s up to us to change ourselves, our thinking so that we try to steer clear of negativity and try to find the positive in life. The more you focus on the little things that make you smile, you’ll realize that you have more to be happy about than cry about.

Remember, life is a test. How you do in that test is purely on you. You can either let this test drown you in sorrow and crumble you up from the inside. Or, you can rise up, you can face the challenge head-on, and you can tell life to “Suck it!”.

The choice is yours.

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