Drift Away

You are amazing and you are wonderful. Your hopes and your dreams are worth chasing. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. If you ever face any challenges in life, just stop for a minute and breathe it in. Go back to your happy place. Refresh. Then, restart. The poem below is how I get to … Continue reading Drift Away

Close your eyes and see

There is a wonder in the world, A new feeling, I think. Stop and watch the day get lit; Just picture it. Hope, floats through the air. New beginnings, everywhere. The birds rise from sleep, To sing their morning song. The dolphins climb from the deep, As the oceans remain forever strong. The dawn always … Continue reading Close your eyes and see

The Fireflies

Fluttering her wings, swooshing in flight. flying in rings, emanating her light. Soaring through the leaves, and the sky. beautiful and free; like the rain in July. Standing on the edge, swimming on the horizon. gliding through life, shining brighter than the sun. Rising up high, towards the cloud. letting the wind pass by, living … Continue reading The Fireflies

The Land of The Flag

To the land of the flag; green and white. To the land of the rag; shiny and bright. To the land; where pride and humility fight. A stage so grand; Hope shimmers through the night. The lights flicker about, and houses bow down to the dark. The kids still continue to shout, the dogs still … Continue reading The Land of The Flag

The Clouds

Fluffy and white; these popcorns in the sky, shine bright. Without wings, they fly. powered by the Lord’s light. They soar through heaven and space; these dragons of imagination, fly with grace. One of God’s greatest creation, are present in every place. They come in all shapes and sizes; they are there, whether the sun … Continue reading The Clouds

The Sunrise

Through the darkness, I rise; Through the shadows, I devise. I bring with me, the power to mesmerize; The magic spell to hypnotize. My eyes, they doth explore; My gaze, it fills with wonder. The world, I do adore; Reconnect what’s left asunder. One survey, and I know just where to start; One peek, and … Continue reading The Sunrise