The Race

The stage was set. It was loud and rapturous. The sound of banging and clapping filled the arena. No matter which section of the stadium you were in, you could not escape the excitement, the anticipation, the sense of pride and the longing for a victory that every fan experiences at the annual games. This … Continue reading The Race

The Exchange

It was a dark and windy night. The heavy clouds had blanketed themselves over the stars. The wind was rattling the metal and the wood throughout the city. No one wanted to be outside tonight. Weather warnings had indicated the possibility of a severe thunderstorm. Some people were of the impression that the strong gusts … Continue reading The Exchange

The Storm

The winds were howling like a hungry pack of wolves. Unrelenting, vicious, without remorse. It was sucking up everything in its path. The strong and sturdy trees were still standing tall, trying their hardest to withstand the constant bombardment. With every breath, the branches were swaying like a teenager on a swing, rocking back and … Continue reading The Storm

The Evil Scientist

I followed the evil scientist into a dark room. What I saw, I would never forget. Well technically, at first, it wasn’t much of what I saw, but of what I heard. I could hear him talking in that sinister and creepy voice; laughing in his deluded and senile methods. Suddenly, the lights flared up. … Continue reading The Evil Scientist

The Open Sea

As he stood there, looking across the horizon, he felt an overwhelming sense of peace and calmness spread over him. There was something uniquely beautiful about the view. To some it might be scary, nerving, terrifying even; but to him, it was serene. He had laid his eyes on this wonder more times than he … Continue reading The Open Sea

The Chase

He was panting like a dog after a long morning run. His heart was beating faster than a hummingbird’s wings. His knees were bent, his head facing the ground. His breathing was rapid, almost uncontrollable. He didn’t have long. He had to recuperate himself as quickly as possible. The shouting was getting closer, louder. Resting … Continue reading The Chase