Drift Away

You are amazing and you are wonderful. Your hopes and your dreams are worth chasing. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. If you ever face any challenges in life, just stop for a minute and breathe it in. Go back to your happy place. Refresh. Then, restart. The poem below is how I get to … Continue reading Drift Away

Life’s Purpose

“For each person, there is a purpose in this world. Let yours be the doing of all good things.” The first time I heard this phrase was when I was watching the Robin Hood TV Series by BBC. I don’t need to go too much into detail about the series itself except that it was … Continue reading Life’s Purpose


While volunteering at a Blues and Jazz Festival in Port Credit, I encountered an eager travel fan. We both were merely sharing our stories, innocently trying to one-up the other. I obviously won because this person requested that I tell more people about my stories. I’m not egoistic, I told them to do the same. … Continue reading Muskoka

Close your eyes and see

There is a wonder in the world, A new feeling, I think. Stop and watch the day get lit; Just picture it. Hope, floats through the air. New beginnings, everywhere. The birds rise from sleep, To sing their morning song. The dolphins climb from the deep, As the oceans remain forever strong. The dawn always … Continue reading Close your eyes and see

How do you live your life?

“Enjoy the little things in life” – Zombieland Rule #32 Life is hard. It’s challenging. It’s the biggest test we face day in and day out. There are people around the world experiencing famine, hardships in education, no access to drinkable water, storms, earthquakes, bombs, violence, sexual assaults. Surviving those horrors is beyond imaginable. Then … Continue reading How do you live your life?

The Race

The stage was set. It was loud and rapturous. The sound of banging and clapping filled the arena. No matter which section of the stadium you were in, you could not escape the excitement, the anticipation, the sense of pride and the longing for a victory that every fan experiences at the annual games. This … Continue reading The Race

The Exchange

It was a dark and windy night. The heavy clouds had blanketed themselves over the stars. The wind was rattling the metal and the wood throughout the city. No one wanted to be outside tonight. Weather warnings had indicated the possibility of a severe thunderstorm. Some people were of the impression that the strong gusts … Continue reading The Exchange


When we were young I’m sure we all had dreams of having superpowers. Some of us probably wanted to have super strength; some super speed; some the ability of flight; to walk through walls; to hear what people are thinking; to move objects with our minds; to shape change; and so on. I’m sure there … Continue reading Superpowers

The Storm

The winds were howling like a hungry pack of wolves. Unrelenting, vicious, without remorse. It was sucking up everything in its path. The strong and sturdy trees were still standing tall, trying their hardest to withstand the constant bombardment. With every breath, the branches were swaying like a teenager on a swing, rocking back and … Continue reading The Storm